Music, Animation, Street theatre

Third show produced by LA BANDA DEL DRAC. Children’s open-air dance with musical numbers that audiences of all ages can take part in. Show to be performed in a set public place, not on the move.

A group of minstrels are getting ready to perform in the town festivities when they find out that they have been chosen to perform at the party held by King Boredom II. In that moment Ferran, the leader of the group, decides that they are going to play with the instruments invented by his close friend Leonardo Da Vinci, and sing the forbidden songs from their repertoire. All of them are shaking with fear because they are sure that the Inquisition will not be the slightest bit amused. 

 The party begins, and everyone has a whale of a time. The new songs are a great success, but… the Inquisition does not like them at all. They are too merry, the people dance with provocative movements and the new instruments are too noisy. The soldiers chase them and the actors flee to the New World, to America, where, rather naively, they believe that they will have better luck and nobody is going to pursue them.

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Cast and creatives

  • : Joan Miquel Reig

  • Costumes: Doble-T

  • Property master: Enfocades

  • Set designer: Carme Canós, Joan Raga

  • Set constructor: Enric Juezas

  • Music: Frank Bene

  • Executive producer: Carme Canós

  • Scriptwriter: Joan Raga

  • Artistic director: Joan Raga

  • Photographer: Mireia Raga

La fiesta del Rey es un espectáculo entretenido a todos los niveles, pero sobre todo una forma fantástica de pasar la tarde en familia.
Joan Ballester, Diari de la Plana

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