Animation, Street theatre

Itinerant show designed for parades, processions and other festive events. 

The most spectacular denizens of the deep blue sea – the B whale, the pickled octopus and the musical jellyfish – escape from their natural habitat and wander blissfully through the streets before the astonished gaze of the local inhabitants. They are in a happy, festive mood and, what is more, they are not alone: they are accompanied by a tribe of urchins that surprise the eager audience with their dances and twists and twirls. 

The sea figures are gigantic air shapes that surprise the audience with their size, colours and special effects. Six actors and three local collaborators turn the streets into a sea of surprises, beauty and festivity. 


- 3 inflatable elements: the whale, the octopus and the jellyfish. 

- 6 actors operators: 3 divers and 3 urchins. 

- 3 support assistants provided by the organisers. 

The jellyfish carries a 2000-watt sound system.

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Cast and creatives

  • Music: Joan Raga

  • Set designer: Sara Recatalà, Beatriz Ibáñez, Alberto Facundo

  • Set constructor: Fil d'Aram, Pai Thio Air Gallery Company

  • Management: César Álvaro

  • Executive producer: Carme Canós

  • Artistic director: Joan Raga

La ballena B y sus amigos el pulpo a la romana y la medusa pasearán por las calles como peces por el agua provocando la sorpresa de los espectadores.
Joan Raga

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