Animation, Street theatre

DISCO DEATH is based on “The Dance of Death”, a mediaeval text from the 14th century. From this initial idea we developed a contemporary show with dance music and pyrotechnics that the audience can participate in.

A rather unusual discotheque invites the whole population to dance “The Dance of Death”. On taking a headcount, it is found that some of the most important members of society are absent. The Lady of the Scythe begins a search for the "absent ones", accompanied by the sovereign people. Throughout the passacaglia an “off-scene” voice, that of the Lady of the Scythe, can be heard urging those who have fled – the Church, the Capital, the Politician and the Military – to come to her dance.

The passacaglia makes use of a large number of pyrotechnical effects that increase “in crescendo” throughout the entire show until the peak is reached when the “death quad” races out – something that delights all the spectators, both young and not so young. Subsequently, Death invites everyone to the village to dance her dance with songs, fire and choreographic arrangements, the climax being reached with the appearance of a pyro-musical firework display.

Travelling show based on the use of the CORREFOCS technique. Fire races through the streets encouraging the active participation of the audience, who find themselves surrounded by the rhythm of the original music and the pyrotechnical explosions. Urban spaces are transformed and the audience is caught up in the festive spiral of fire.

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Fiche artistique

  • Music: Marc Isern

  • Arranger: Carmen Llorens

  • : Lluna Albert

  • Costumes: Doble-T

  • Set designer: Sara Recatalà, Beatriz Ibáñez

  • Set constructor: Fil d'Aram

  • Property master: Alucine Efectos especiales, Sandu Florea

  • Lightning designer: Dragan

  • Graphic designer: Pasku

  • Photographer: Carme Canós, Joan Raga

  • Executive producer: Carme Canós

  • Scriptwriter: Joan Raga

  • Artistic director: Joan Raga

El desarrollo de Cavaldeath es trepidante desde el inicio. Los intérpretes no dejan respiro a una audiencia completamente entregada.
Federico Ballester, Tribuna de Cadiz

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