Animation, Street theatre

Itinerant street performance on stilts that includes all kinds of animation techniques: juggling, singing, acrobatics, story-telling and the spectacular and innovative use of jumping stilts with their incredible, gravity-defying leaps and bounds. 

Animàtic tells the story of a tinker who travels from village to village buying and selling questionably useful objects. One day he finds a group of RR1 first-generation entertainment robots that have been banned and are on the verge of disappearing. 

The RR1s look for a place to settle and it is the tinker who, against his own business interests, takes them in and helps them in their risky search of the senses, as they travel through streets and squares amusing both young and old alike.

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Fiche artistique

  • Set designer: Enric Juezas

  • : Lluna Albert

  • Costumes: Doble-T

  • Photographer: Carme Canós, Pasku

  • Music: Joan Raga, Manu Chabrera

  • Management: Mari Carmen Rubert

  • Executive producer: Carme Canós

  • Distributor: Carme Canós

  • Scriptwriter: Joan Raga

  • Artistic director: Joan Raga

Las criaturas mecánicas hicieron las delicias de niños y adultos en un espectáculo festivo y entretenido de principio a fin.
Alberto López, Heraldo de Segovia

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