Animation, Street theatre

THE JUNGLE is a show designed for parades and processions. The retinue consists of: THE GORILLA (5m tall x 6m long x 3m wide), THE ELEPHANT (5m tall x 6m long x 3m wide), 2 knights on OSTRICHES (1-metre tall stilts) and 2 dancers on jumping stilts with giant masks (BLACK PANTHER and LION). Altogether 6 actors operate the elements and perform the tribal dances.

THE JUNGLE represents an invasion of the town by characters from one of any of the different tribes that can be found within it. The big animals have been domesticated by humans, but are still guided by their instincts and are sometimes frightened and attack anything that may threaten their lives.

Along the route, the tribe will perform choreographic numbers and rituals in which the audience will play a very active role. Fun and surprises are guaranteed in a production that is full of colour, music and provocation.

With THE JUNGLE our goal is to offer some wild and fantastic fun for all the family because we believe in wild life and being in contact with nature is what we enjoy most. 

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Fiche artistique

  • : Fil d'Aram

  • Costumes: Doble-T

  • Set designer: Enric Juezas, César Paloquesea

  • Set constructor: Maigar Grup, JBM

  • Choreographer: Marta Martín

  • Lightning designer: Francis Canós

  • Property master: Sandu Florea

  • Graphic designer: Pasku

  • Executive producer: Carme Canós

  • Distributor: Carme Canós

  • Scriptwriter: Joan Raga

  • Artistic director: Joan Raga

Los gigantescos animales salvajes de La Selva invadieron las calles del centro creando una atmósfera de fantasía en la que los más pequeños eran los protagonistas.
Javier Medina, Diario de Valladolid

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