Animation, Street theatre

Travelling show based on the use of the CORREFOCS technique. Fire races through the streets encouraging the active participation of the audience, who find themselves caught up in the rhythm of the original music and the pyrotechnical explosions. Urban spaces are transformed and the audience is overcome by the festive spiral of fire. FOR AUDIENCES OF ALL AGES 

The Sus Scrofa tribe have lost all their fire and don’t know how to create it. So the only way they can obtain fire again is to go and look for it in a volcano. Without fire, they are at the mercy of both wild beasts and the weather. At last and by sheer coincidence, a bolt of lightning gives them the fire they need and so they return to the village with it. On their way home they are attacked by wild animals, the wrath of the gods and the cold. Luckily, sparks keep shooting out of the fire and the audience find themselves caught up in the game. The retinue finally reach the village, the fire is deposited in the Temple of Fire and arrangements are made to carry out the final ritual, which is held with the aim of ensuring that the fire never goes out again. The music, the songs, the dances with the fire and the great firework display put the finishing touches to a frenetic festive show, in which anyone can take part in the game.

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Fiche artistique

  • Music: Manu Chabrera, Marc Isern, Joan Raga

  • Costume designer: Lluna Albert

  • Dressmaker: Doble-T

  • Set designer: Beatriz Ibáñez, Anna Dobon

  • Property master: Sandu Florea

  • Photographer: Carme Canós

  • Executive producer: M. Carmen Rubert

  • Producer: Carme Canós

  • Scriptwriter: Joan Raga

  • Director: Joan Raga


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